Autisme et talent

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01-The beautiful otherness of the autistic mind.pdf


02-The savant syndrome an extraordinary condition.pdf


03-Savant skills in autism psychometric approaches and parental reports.pdf


04-What aspects of autism predispose to talent.pdf


05-Talent in autism hyper-systemizing, hyper-attention to detail.pdf


06-Enhanced perception in savant syndrome.pdf


07-Perception and apperception in autism rejecting the inverse assumption.pdf


08-Explaining and inducing savant skills.pdf


09-Talent in the taxi a model system for exploring expertise.pdf


10-Talent in the taxi a model system for exploring expertise.pdf


11-A case study of a multiply talented savant with an autism spectrum disorder.pdf


12-Radial cytoarchitecture and patterns of cortical connectivity in autism.pdf


13-How does visual thinking work in the mind of a person with autism.pdf


14-Assessing musical skills in autistic children who are not savants.pdf


15-Precocious realists.pdf


16-Outsider Art and the autistic creator.pdf


17-Autistic autobiography.pdf


18-Stereotypes of autism.pdf


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